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UK Shore was created in 2005 by Norwich website design company Fearntech Limited, and is dedicated to creating a photographic record of the British coastline. Our aims are: To allow photographers to present their coastal images with representation across the entire coastline of the UK. To provide visitor information for the coastal areas of the UK. To provide a forum for coastal communities. To allow coastal service providers to present their services to local communities and visitors.


Coastal photography

coastpx.uk (formerly uk-shore.com and english-coast.net) was intended to simply be a showcase for the range of coastal images that I had personally taken over the years. The intention is that focus will always remain at the heart of coastpx.uk, and we also invite others to allow us to display their images.

Coastal panoramas

In 2008 I began to experiment with 360 degree panorama images and these images are an important aspect of coastpx.uk. Their ability to portray an 'as if you are there' experience is still something that fascinates me.

Coastal communities

coastpx.uk is always looking to build relationships with coastal communities and enable them to promote themselves through the website. Use of Twitter and other social media makes it easier for coastal communities to interact with the wider UK, and we will be making full use of social media integration to that purpose.

Coastal crafts and industry

coastpx.uk aims to allow traditional coastal activities and industries to be represented on our website. We will offer an informal directory of businesses and individuals who are involved in tourism, and also in fishing, boat building and other activities important to those communities.

Coastal advertising

We have examined carefully the aims above and we will always put these aims ahead of commercial considerations. Therefore, we do not currently accept requests for advertising space, sponsorship, or for SEO related content placements. Currently, all advertising is in the form of Google Ads and 'affiliate' schemes where we can retain integrity of our content.


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Featured coastline

Brittania Pier Entrance
Brittania Pier Entrance

Featured panorama

White cliffs of Dover
White cliffs of Dover

View our 360 degree interactive panoramas of coastal features.

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