Coastal erosion, White cliffs of Dover

Nice illustration of coastal erosion, photo taken of the white cliffs of Dover, St.Margaret’s Bay. The cliff fall occurred early 2008. The paths above the cliffs do warn you to stay 10 metres from the edge, and when you see evidence of the cliff falls it makes you take notice of the warnings!

3 thoughts on “Coastal erosion, White cliffs of Dover

  1. Auby

    Great interpretion guys. Yah, and not long after the whole damn thing will be gone and I haven’t got a chance to go there and see the beautifull cliff..

  2. michael

    that’s true, but it is porous and permeable, that means that if water gets in and freezes, it would have a hell of a lot of force pressing on it, more that enough to shatter rock

  3. Simon

    Ye, you could crack your head open if you fell off there. I would think that the chalky ground would be more resistant to erosion than other types of ground.

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