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Bexhill Sea Angling Festival

The Bexhill Sea Angling Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th September 2013. The Festival is in two parts; 1) a series of angling competitions at Bexhill Sea Angling Club and 2) an Open Event at the De La Warr Pavilion exhibition space. Please visit their website for full details.

Martello towers update

The East Coast Martello Towers post has now been updated with our latest research, which makes it the most complete and up to date general reference on the east coast towers that you will find on the internet! We also collaborated with professional photographer Ian Giles, and many thanks to him for negotiating the necessary permissions and travelling up to Essex and Suffolk to photograph all of the remaining towers.

We now have two Martello towers featured posts:

Both posts feature a google map showing the locations of the towers, and photography of all the towers (still have a few gaps on the South Coast article which will be filled soon…).

The Martello Towers of the Kent and Sussex Coast

74 Martello Towers were built along the coast of Kent and East Sussex, between 1805 and 1808 to guard against invasion by Napoleon along with other defensive measures such as Forts, Redoubts and the Royal Military Canal (which runs through Hythe).

The inspiration for the south coast implementation of these distinctive round towers came from a British attack in 1794 on Mortella Point in Corsica. The Mortella Point tower resisted attack from the Royal Navy ships HMS Fortitude and HMS Juno, resulting in 60 casualties on the British ships and the ships had to abandon the attack.This article is copyright UK Shore 2008 ( It was left to the army to eventually take the tower after 2 days of heavy fighting. The tower had achieved this long resistance with only 38 men, one 6-pounder gun and two 18-pounder guns.

The name Martello Tower took a while to settle on by the English military planners, probably originating from ‘Torri de Martello’, the name given to watchtowers in parts of Western Italy, but also perhaps from one Naval officer who described Mortella Point as ‘Myrtello Point’ as the headland that the tower stood on was covered with wild myrtle. Other descriptions used were ‘sea-towers’, ‘bomb-proof towers’, or ‘Corsican towers’ and in 1803 finally as ‘Martello towers’.

The towers never actually saw active service of course, Napoleon’s planned invasion came to nothing particularly after the Battle of Trafalgar defeat for the French Fleet which forced Napoleon to look elsewhere for conquest. Continue reading

Romney Marsh wind farm construction begins

Construction has begun on the 26 turbine wind farm at Walland Marsh on the Kent/East Sussex coastal borders. The wind farm is being built by Npower Renewables.

Permission for the £60m wind farm was given by the government in 2005 following a public inquiry. The proposal had met widespread opposition from residents and councils in Kent and East Sussex, and will create a very imposing presence on the flat marshland of the area.

After an initial holdup, the first turbine was complete and a second one underway as at 21st June. UPDATE: 6th July – 5 turbines now complete (see image).

The BBC News website quotes spokesman Simon Holt as saying:
“We should expect to see two turbines go up every week and we should be finished by the end of September. When the turbine components arrive on site it is a relatively straightforward operation to put them all together.”

UPDATE: 23th August – 12 turbines in place.

UPDATE: 21st September – 24 turbines in place, see new image below.

UPDATE: 29th September – All 26 turbines in place.