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BBC Nature – video collections website

The Nature section of the BBC website has a great collection of video clips of the amazing UK coastal wildlife.  A range of habitats are shown including; coastal, estuaries, intertidal zones, shallow seas, reefs and rockpools.

The page is located here.

BBC Panorama programme to highlight dirty beaches

Focusing on the less beautiful aspects of Britain’s coastline, BBC’s Panorama will be showing a programme entitled ‘Britain’s Dirty Beaches’ on Monday night (7th September).  The programme will investigate the outflow pipes that discharge sewage and other items into our coastal areas, and will show the results of it’s own specially commissioned scientific tests.

UK viewers will be able to see the programme on BBC One, Monday 7th September at 20:30 or information about the programme is available on the BBC website.

Update 16th September 2009: The Environment Agency has responded to the Panorama program with their own short film which can be viewed below. You can also view their response to our blog post in the Comments section of this post.