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BBC Secret Britain programme – Langdon Bay revisited

The BBC’s recent Secret Britain programme has re-ignited interest in Langdon Bay, a fascinating part of the Dover coastline.  The programme as it’s name suggests, highlights some of the lesser known gems of the British landscape, and includes visits to Cornwall’s ‘secret’ coves, the ‘Cornish Alps’, and Dartmoor amongst other locations.

Of particular interest to us was their visit to Langdon Bay, as we already had a number of images in our Fan Bay/Langdon Bay/Crab Bay page.  We also have 360 degree panoramas of the SS Falcon shipwreck and Langdon Bay searchlight positions.

One of our site visitors Mike Verrall has made a visit to the wreck in the past few weeks and one of his images is shown here.

Video of SS Falcon on fire

Last year we posted photos on the main UK Shore site of the 1926 wreck of the SS Falcon which is visible at low tide in Langdon Bay, Dover. It was with some interest then that I came across archive video footage of the event as it happened in 1926. Thanks to JohnVaughan for posting this on Youtube.

On a later trip to the site I created a 360 degree panorama of the wreck site which I would highly recommend site visitors having a look at (click on the image to the right).

Langdon Bay and the wreck are accessible to the public, but just a warning that the zig-zag cliff path is VERY steep and although there is a hand rail, make sure you wear proper walking shoes/boots and don’t go unless the weather has been dry. Access to the beach then requires a climb down a 20 foot ladder…

Also of interest in Langdon Bay are a set of World War II searchlight positions embedded in the cliff  (near the ladder down to the beach). Again, this was a subject of a 360 degree panorama, please have a look…